Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lemon with Plum and Bottle

I went with a slightly bigger format, 6 x 8 inches, and it feels HUGE compared with the
5 x 7 inch size. Funny. Anyway, I added another element, the bottle, and I'm fairly pleased with it though not 100%, so probably will do it again.
BTW, I saw "Julie & Julia" with my Mom last night and we both loved it. As was mentioned in this film about a blogger, I know what it feels like to be writing this without knowing whether anyone outside the couple of people I've shared it with is reading it. I plan to go public when we get back from New York in a couple of weeks and then I will feel like I actually have a wider audience.
So far this experience has been a bit of a revelation. I find that I have so much more excitement to paint than I did when I was painting for a show. Even thinking about painting outdoors has a different attraction than before the blog, because now it feels like I'm painting for myself and not for an external obligation.
So, lucky me to have decided to do this.

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