Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baja Morning

Here is another larger sized painting that I did the last painting day we had in Baja. We stayed near Agua Caliente which lies south of Ensenada right where a point of land - Punta Banda - extends west into the pacific containing and creating somewhat the Bahia Todos Los Santos, (or the bay which Ensenada overlooks). A striking part of the geography here is a long spit of land creating a tidal estuary, fully 5 miles long and affording beautiful wetlands effects as the tide ebbs and flows. We arrived about 8:30 am just as the tide was beginning to flow back in. This is a view I painted looking almost due East, with the beautiful green hillsides of the point backlit by the morning sun.

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  1. Judith, I'm just stopping by to say Hello and to tell you I just love your work! Your dad found me on FaceBook (a link from a mutual artist friend) and wrote me a message and he told me about you. I am originally from Upstate NY. He and I share a love of the Adirondacks Mountains. Well, take care! Beautiful work!! Paula Ann Ford