Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back Bay Bluff 7am - 9am SOLD

I was up at dawn and managed to get down to the Back Bay for my latest painting. You may have noticed that I have 3 now with the time of day in the title. My goal is to get 6 of them covering from 7am - 8pm. So, not halfway yet, but a good start. It was overcast of course, as it is most mornings here on the coast in So. Cal. in the summer. I had hoped that it would begin to clear by 9am for the second painting I had planned, but the cloud cover was too thick and showed no signs, ( I checked the satellite just to make sure), of breaking soon enough for me to wait. As it happens it didn't clear up down there until almost 11 am, which  would have been way longer to wait than I was prepared for. I'm willing to make some sacrifices to my art, but that long a wait with no, ahem, amenities, convinced me to try again another day. So, here is a typical, overcast Back Bay morning in June.

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