Friday, February 10, 2012

Just Can't Say Goodbye

In March, the Crystal Cove Gallery will be hosting a short, themed show of paintings done to reflect the past and present of the cottages. In the past, the newly restored cottages looked so lived in, with their funny angles and whimsical paint jobs and landscaping, whereas now they are so correct... all right angles and shiny one-note paint jobs. However, the cottages at the north end of the cove, once lived in and cared for, have fallen from their quirky attractiveness into tottering old ruins, not charmingly eccentric anymore, just sad and disintegrating.
So here is the first of the three paintings I've done so far for this exhibit. This first one is of my favorite subject there, the garages as they used to look, ramshackle and faded.

This painting will be on sale mid March at the Crystal Cove Gallery

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