Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well I think this is the longest I've been MIA. My last post was a still life in April. That's about the time I started switching gears and got caught up with doing more landscape and plein air work, as well as going off on two adventures in May and again in June.
So, I think I'll try to back track and catch any of you who are still there up on what I've been doing for the past few months.
In May I headed up to Carmel to participate in their 19th annual Plein Air Art Festival. It's one of the first and most prestigious events of this kind and it was amazing to be juried in to this show. I arrived a day early to check out likely spots to paint. We were allowed one full day to paint, as well as the evening of the first day, and the morning and afternoon of the last. So, not a lot of time. No pressure.
The weather that first evening and the one full day was very gray and chilly. As you can maybe see from this photo a kindly tourist took while I tried to paint, I am VERY bundled up!
I wasn't very happy with this painting though, so this is all there is to see.

Next day dawned just as cold and foggy, so I knew I had to head out of Carmel to find the sun. I had a choice to head east or South toward Big Sur, so that's where I went.

To my great relief I found sun and beautiful vistas. Here is the view I painted:

Here is my painting on-site:

And here is the finished painting on display:

Next post, I'll fill you in on day 3 in Carmel.

If you are still there, thanks for your patience, and for subscribing.

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