Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bright Angel Trail Overlook

Here is the finished painting of the one I started our first afternoon at the Grand Canyon.
I started around 3 in the afternoon. Whenever I've seen paintings of the canyon I had assumed they were painted from special, hard to find spots, available only to those hardworking artists willing to hike out to that perfect spot. I was so surprised to recognize view after view from paintings I have been looking at right there in front of me, just over the railing! This is the only one I was able to do, because next morning we did the mule ride out to the Abyss Overlook and were too exhausted afterward to do much but check out touristy things. We did manage to see a Plein Air Exhibition at the Kolb Gallery which is in the historic Kolb house at Grand Canyon Village. Very inspiring and humbling!
So here is my offering:
If you would like to bid on this painting, please click here.

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