Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Riding Out of the Shadows - Canyon de Chelly

Here is one of the larger pieces I started in Canyon de Chelly and finished up here at home. I painted this our first full day in the Canyon. We had scouted the place the previous day on our first afternoon in, after setting up our tents and having a bit of a rest after the 90 minute ride into the canyon. This place was about 20 minutes or so from camp and while a few of us painters stayed to paint, the rest of the group rode out to explore further, get some more riding in, and do some photography. After a couple of hours we broke for lunch. I wanted to try another one, but the wind came up and there was just too much blowing sand, although Brian, one of the other painters was a more stalwart soul than I, and I think he was able to finish a second!

I did do a small study our first evening, the one previous to this one here, and I'll post that one next. In the meantime, here is my first larger piece, which I have already been lucky enough to have sold, thanks to one of my patrons who is also a designer! I am so thrilled.

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