Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Apple - SOLD

 As I mentioned in my last post, I was working on a very large commission in December, and instead of the 2 weeks I expected to be away from posting, I was working right down until a few days before Christmas. This was a huge project for me as you can imagine, as I typically paint sizes ranging from 5 x 7 inches to the occasional 12 x 16 in. This piece was 3 x 4 feet! It has been a wonderful opportunity to grow as an artist and to learn so much.

Living as we do though in a rather small condo, the challenge of creating a work space to complete the painting was pretty challenging. We basically moved my studio down from our small loft to the slightly larger living room. We covered the entire floor with a heavy canvas drop cloth, including the furniture because I'm a pretty sloppy painter, and the painting of this piece took over our lives; so, no Christmas Tree or decorations. Finally on the 23rd, I was done. We put everything away, I put up a few lights and a little wire tree to hang ornaments on and stacked the presents for our families  in the corner of our dining room. Funny though, it was just as wonderful a Christmas as it would have been with the whole array of decorations and a tree.

After this big lead up, I should be posting a photo of this large painting. It has been drying though this last week, and isn't quite ready to be moved and photographed, so that will come in a week or maybe a bit less.

Instead here is a little still life to commemorate the New Year. A Poinsettia and an Apple. I titled it "New Year's Apple", because for some reason this strikes me as hopeful.
Apples are so basic; a wonderful symbol of life, and gifts, and appreciation for the simplest things in our lives.

If you find you can't live without this painting, please click here and you can bid on it.

I hope this first posting of the New Year finds you all hopeful and filled with excitement for whatever challenges, and changes, adventures, and pastimes, reunions and travels that are in store for you.
Thank you for being faithful followers of my not so Daily Paintings. It is so much appreciated.

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