Friday, July 4, 2014

San Clemente Competition-Day 3 & 4

Time is just flying by! This past 10 days have been filled with Birthdays and mostly helping my husband to get ready for his big show at the Laguna Arts Festival. We are so excited for him and looking forward to a successful summer.
But, back to my week in San Clemente: The last two paintings I did, that I wanted to keep that is, were painted along the coast.
The first one I did on Tuesday 6/17. There is in San Clemente a beach trail, skirting the coast, running from north of the pier all the way down to San Clemente State Beach, totaling about 3 miles. This view is looking north, fairly early before the sun had risen to shine down on the cliffs. It is currently hanging at the San Clemente Art Association Gallery in San Clemente until August 1.
Shadows on the Beach Trail
14 x 11

 This second painting I did the next morning at the little park overlooking the pier.

Summer Morning
12 x 9

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