Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ellie's Table

July has become August in the blink of an eye...
After the Back Bay Show in July, I took some time off from painting and spent some days helping my husband out at his booth at the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts. It's very beautiful and relaxing there and every evening there is live music. The picnic area in front of the bandstand fills up quickly and much wine drinking, eating and listening to great music ensues. After about 3 weeks though I became antsy to get back to work. I also received a good jolt of inspiration from one of my favorite artists, Frank Serrano. I signed up for a workshop with him for a weekend and I really got inspired!

Here is a painting I did of the restaurant Ellie's Table in San Clemente. It's based on a study I did there during the June San Clemente Plein Air Event I participated in, and was done as a possible commission.

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