Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Santa Rosa Vista

Here is the little painting I did on Tuesday at the Santa Rosa Plateau, (see yesterday's post).
I hiked up a little hill in order to look out upon this wide expansive bowl of grassland and oaks. It was utterly quiet, except for the cool breeze, which brought clouds from the west and a few sprinkles at about 4:30, believe it or not! I love painting here and look forward to coming back again and again. When I finished, packed up and was heading down the little trail, (made by wildlife only no doubt, and no wider than 3 inches worn through the grass), I happened upon a tarantula, working it's way up the trail pretty as you please. When it perceived me, (vibrations? shadow? can they see??) it did a couple of little pumps up and down on its not unimpressive hairy legs, like it might jump. Knowing what a coward I am, and fearing to have a heart attack so far from help, I headed with my cart off into the crackly dead grass, making a wide circle around the rightful resident of this beautiful place.

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  1. Really nice!!
    Funny story about the tarantula...yikes!