Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Shadows

I have one word to leave here to describe the last 2 weeks: "Lumbago". A charming, antiquated word I came across while lying flat on my back for a week and reading a favorite Anthony Trollope novel. You know Trollope, a contemporary of Dickens, who wrote wonderful, chatty, wry novels though without Dickens' gloomy parables of social injustice. Anyway, I am back again, though chastened, in that I hesitate to make promises anymore. Suffice to say then that I'm back... for now.
Today's painting is one I painted at Crystal Cove yesterday in preparation for a quickly organized show by the Cove Alliance in order to commemorate for the last time the beautiful old garages there which are due for renovation in a couple of weeks. These are almost my favorite subject at Crystal Cove. The colors are rich and subtle, layered, and bleached yet vibrant too. And the poor ramshackle buildings, now collapsing on themselves are both a charm and a challenge. I will really miss painting them.

(Available for purchase at the Crystal Cove Gallery & Gift Shop.
Email me for details)

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  1. Judith - this is one of the most captivating paintings of the garages I've ever seen. Your laying of color, the light, composition, captured so beautifully in your "Winter Shadows" painting. I'm nostalgic already, I will miss those old garages too....Amanda