Sunday, April 11, 2010

Andreas Canyon - Morning

Ok, I want you all to know that I have felt guilty for not posting these last almost 3 weeks on the "Judith Cameron - A Painting a Day" blog, (which name btw, I have since frequently regretted choosing: why not "A Painting a Week", or "A Painting When I Can Manage It", or "A Painting Now and Then"?). It's just that "life" seems to intervene, and I don't mean Life with a capital L, the big life of real crisis, or challenge, or change, but the little life of chores, and moods, and distractions, and the inertia of all of that. Being retired with no schedule has left me with no discipline at all, (though I had barely enough to get by before). So, at the risk of being a bit too confessional about all this, and without hopefully putting too much of a burden on either of us, I am vowing to jump back in with a renewed sense of purpose.

So, here is a painting I painted when I accompanied my husband to Palm Springs, the last week of March. He attended a week long photo workshop, and I did a few paintings. The first full day there I met with a friend and we drove south of Palm Springs to Indian Canyons. These are beautiful canyons filled with natural groves of fan palms, and it's truly gorgeous. This first one we did in Andreas Canyon which is the easiest to access. This view is of the trail head leading to a one mile loop through the groves.

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