Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Breezy Santa Rosa Morning - SOLD

I just got back from a glorious day painting at the Santa Rosa Plateau, (see blog posting 9/30/2009). It was very cool & breezy, with big puffy grey and white clouds flying across the sky, making for a constantly changing mosaic of light and shadow moving over the landscape. We arrived pretty early and found just a couple of people there ahead of us. The spring flowers are just starting to open, and the bird song punctuating the silence made for a near perfect morning. This view is looking west I think, back up the trail from the "Vernal Pools" which are immediately to my left as I painted this scene. This is really still a wild landscape, however groomed these small dirt trails are. There are signs of coyote on the trail every few feet, not to mention tarantula and snake holes, and at this time of year, hundreds of short, furry caterpillars criss-crossing the trail trying to get to one side or the other; we couldn't decide which.

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