Tuesday, January 10, 2012


At long last I'm back! I'd meant to start my first post of the new year last week but lost out to a bad cold. My last post was back in October. Yikes!! I don't know quite what happened. Coming back from that long trip was enough of a jolt to my routine that I couldn't  quite get back into gear I guess, and then came that long accelerating slide into the Holidays. Anyway, I wasn't exactly idle, because I did spend most of December painting Christmas presents and a few other things, which I couldn't put up here as it would ruin the surprise. So I'll begin again with a parade of paintings I gifted to my friends and family for Christmas. This one is titled "Holly". I did this for my dear friends in Santa Barbara. They were able to provide a home to her after she was abandoned in a parking lot after Santa Barbara's fire almost 2 years ago.

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