Saturday, July 14, 2012

From Carmel to Los Gatos

Ok, now where was I? Wrapping up in Carmel, and then moving on 3 weeks later to Los Gatos.
Here is a photo of my two paintings on display in Carmel. I was lucky enough to sell the coastal view the first evening.

After the show and a brief visit with friends who live near Watsonville, I headed back south for 3 weeks and a bit of a rest, (though I did turn out a couple of paintings for the July Back Bay Show). The second week of June I headed back north, this time to Los Gatos. I had never been there before, and found it to be a lovely, charming town, with lots of history, perched just to the north east of the Santa Cruz mountains of which there are many many beautiful views from in town. I partnered up with a fellow artist and we managed to paint between 2 and 3 paintings a day for 4 straight days! Up at 5am, coffee at 6, paint all day, dinner at 7:30, in bed by 9. Amazing!
Here is the first painting I did. Every morning I bought coffee at "The Boulanger" Bakery. That first morning, after getting my coffee at 6, I decided to sit down on a bench just outside the bakery and paint this building which is a famous landmark of Los Gatos.
(by the way, Los Gatos is THE most sitter friendly town I've ever been to. There are benches EVERYWHERE!) Anyway, here is my painting from morning #1:

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