Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Los Gatos continued

Oh boy, am I to bring the story up to the present. Los Gatos is such a beautiful town and in such a gorgeous area. Our 2nd day I think, we looked for architectural subjects and I found this lovely Victorian Home, of which there were dozens and dozens.

Also, I had no idea there were so many wineries there. The next couple of days we went exploring all the hills surrounding the town, and painted at 3 different wineries: Burrell School Vineyards; Mountain Winery which is really part of Saratoga Calif., next door to Los Gatos; and on our last day we painted at a wonderful winery that is also a horse stabling concern called the Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards. The following paintings were done in that order.

This painting is the one that sold and which was also my own favorite.
I hadn't planned on painting the horse, I just liked the composition of the barn and trees.
But then the owner of the horse brought it  back from riding and I quickly added him in.
I think it makes what was an OK composition into a special one.

Next post I'll catch up to this last weekend and our Bi-Annual Back Bay Show.

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