Monday, November 16, 2009

Crystal Cove Garages - Redux NFS

What a beautiful day it was at Crystal Cove on Friday. I was able to do two paintings; this is the second one, a view you may recognize from way back in September when I posted a larger painting of these beautiful old garages. Or, at least I think they are beautiful. As I was painting this on Friday, two couples strolled by on their way back up to the parking lot. One of the guys said "I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder", meaning I suppose that all he could see was some old ramshackle buildings. So that's why I'm the artist and he's not, because I see endless color, texture, line and shape, not to mention the history of these old sheds, built by the residents, and used for decades. All of us artists rue the day when they will be "restored". Granted they are falling apart, and need to be fixed. It's just that we will miss them.

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  1. i love the colors of this one! and the negative spaces in the trees. you are so talented!