Saturday, November 28, 2009

Winter Morning at the Back Bay

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and that you are all prepared for the breakneck, hypersonic, headlong slide into the new year that we all know as the month of December. Seriously, each day seems only to have about six hours in it. And each day I seem to have about 24 hours of stuff to do. Actually it's not quite that bad, it's just my brain. It can only do about 4 things a day, and that's when I make lists!  Anyway, this is only a roundabout way to say that postings may be a bit thin the next few weeks. That's why I love that our painting group has Friday painting dates. I try and make myself do these as often as I can. Here is one from the Newport Back Bay, looking west this time, from a point on Back Bay Drive, which is a narrow road that skirts the bay's east side. (See September 19 for a view looking south.) It was breezy, cool and cloudy. A perfect winter day.

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