Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back Bay Bluff

I went to the Newport Back Bay yesterday because our Back Bay show is coming up in July, and the deadline for the juried competition is in June. This is probably my favorite place to paint. The breeze off the ocean is usually mild, there are many bird species to be seen flying about or feeding in the mud at low tide, and the silence is pure and restful. I can really concentrate there. I did 2 paintings yesterday. This is the first one, and is about 99% finished. Yes that is a gnat stuck to the canvas in the sky area looking just like a bird flying away in the distance. So, I left it there. Although, I will probably pick it off when the paint dries. Perhaps it will leave an imprint I can use to paint in a bird there. This view, by the way is painted from the south end looking north from about 2pm to 4pm.

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