Friday, May 7, 2010

View East from Topaz Ave. - Balboa Island - SOLD

Today I went down to Balboa Island to do a painting for our upcoming show at the Socalpapa Gallery: "Islands". I arrived  and found a view looking east into the late morning glare. It was such a beautiful day that to just say so doesn't seem enough; the sun and the slightly cool breeze were perfectly balanced to make a truly perfect day. We are so lucky here in Southern California.   Lots of people walk around the island everyday. Walking for exercise, walking with friends, walking their dogs, or their Cockatiels! Yes. I met a couple of people I knew even, several very friendly dogs and one cat. This back lit view is my favorite kind to paint because the busy background is simplified and greyed out, while leaving the foreground boats still sharp and colorful. I may have made a sale of this one, so no buy now button until I hear for sure.

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