Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Windy Day at El Moro Cove

Last Friday it was really windy here in south orange county. The usual Winter & early Spring Santa Ana winds were gusting to 30 mph, so instead of going to paint at our scheduled location at Irvine Park, which becomes a wind tunnel under these conditions, I headed out to Newport Coast to my new favorite spot to paint, El Moro Cove. Just this year it is open to the public after a couple of years with no occupants, and a few decades at least before that when it was the home of some very lucky people living in trailers right on the beach. There are spectacular views of the cliffs to the south and also of Reef Point to the north of the cove. I plan to go back and back and back.
Anyway, what I hoped would be a non-windy day, being below the cliff line and so protected I thought from the vicious east winds, turned out to be a battle to keep my hat on and my stuff from blowing over. I was able to work for about and hour and a half, and then had to pack up and leave. I'm pretty happy with what I got though, and didn't need too much touching up. It will be at the show, "As Time Goes By",  this coming Sunday. (It's supposed to rain though, so those of you thinking to stop by, look out for an update from me in your in box.)

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