Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3 Gourds

The season for gourds, and squash, and decorative corn, and all manner of dried and desiccated plant life is upon us. How I wish that the objects I'll be painting this October and November were gathered in my garden or in the wild and lovingly dried and prepared in the shed out back, rather than having been purchased at my local Trader Joe's and Ralph's markets.
So, now that I've ruined the mood, I will try to recapture it with this arrangement of gourds.
Picture them on a dark shelf, out in the shed, with just a shaft of sunlight coming down on them from a crack in the roof.
I do like this time of year, even love it, but here in southern California, we are left mostly to pretend when it comes to adorning our homes with nature's treasures.  Ditto re: Winter. I will be hunting up my own dried out Sycamore leaves though, of which we will have an abundance in the next few weeks. So, now that the weather has finally cooled off I will wish you all a Happy Autumn with real enthusiasm, only 2 weeks late.

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