Thursday, October 15, 2009

Self Portrait - NFS

Well, here is the first of what I look forward to being a series of self portraits. I have over the years done dozens of self portrait drawings in many different media. I've done only one other one in oils though, so this is pretty much my first one. I do apologize for the overly poignant, bordering on insipid expression on my face however. Self portraits are notoriously grumpy appearing, owing to the artist being required to look into a mirror with the same expression over and over as the painting progresses, and so the portraits inevitably appear wooden, frozen, or downright scowling. I tried to use a mirror, but couldn't co-ordinate the lighting for my face with the lighting I need for my palette and for the painting. So, I used a photo. I did sort of have that expression on my face, but somehow in the painting I ended up exaggerating it rather too much. But for a first one I'm ok with it. I hope it doesn't scare you or make you wonder why I appear to be weeping. Or begging for food.

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